The Data Act and NeuroBlock

NeuroBlock Foundation

Building a European data economy

With the publication of Regulation (EU) 2023/2854 in the Official Journal of the European Union, also known as the Data Act, we embark on a new chapter in Internet data management. This legislation, which will come into force in September 2025, is set to redefine access to and utilization of data in the digital era, aligning with NeuroBlock’s vision.

The new Data Regulation is introduced as a turning point. José Luis Escrivá, the Minister for Digital Transformation of Spain, describes it as a crucial step towards a Europe adapted to the digital age: ” The new law will unlock a huge economic potential and significantly contribute to a European internal market for data. Data trading and the overarching use of data will be boosted, and new market opportunities will open to the benefit of our citizens and businesses across Europe.”

The guidelines in this Regulation resonate deeply with NeuroBlock’s philosophy and mission. Darío Sansano, our CEO and Chief Legal Officer, emphasizes how the Data Act reinforces our idea: “This legislation aligns perfectly with our aim to democratize data access.” He adds that “it will require manufacturers and service providers to facilitate data access, resonating with our philosophy of user empowerment and fair compensation for their data usage.”

The Data Act promises a significant transformation in how users and companies interact with data. At NeuroBlock, we are prepared to guide users through this change, providing transparent and equitable data access and ensuring that each participant in the data economy is acknowledged and compensated appropriately.

This Regulation establishes rules on the access and use of data generated within the EU, promoting a fair and competitive data market. With objectives such as ensuring equity in the allocation of data value and stimulating data-driven innovation, the regulation aligns the interests of users and businesses with the needs of an evolving digital economy.

For this reason, NeuroBlock positions itself as a pioneering brand in this data revolution. Our platform offers a unique solution where users can manage and monetize their data in a secure and transparent environment. We are committed to being leaders in this new era, ensuring that the benefits of the digital economy are accessible to all.

The EU Data Regulation is a bold step towards a fairer and more transparent data economy, a goal that NeuroBlock has pursued since its inception. We are pleased to be part of this significant change, leading the way towards greater democratization of data in the digital age.